2.3 Release Notes

Whats New


  • New Transaction email communications now show both the Category and the Subcategory.
  • Communications:  Organization Name and Contact information will now be included on Profile Password Resets and Recurring Reminder emails.
  • Giving Page:  The Honorarium options can now be displayed as either a drop-down or as radio buttons.
  • General Fixes.



  • EventQ Home Page: Edit Icon added to the Recent Registrations table so you can now edit recent registrations directly.
  • Events:  The Deposit function in Financial can now be set as a fixed amount per registrant or as a percentage of total.
  • General Fixes.



  • Event Reporting:  Added Questions to Fixed Format Registrant List Reports; both Group and Individual.
  • Users that Manage Specific Pages will now be able to pull Reporting they have permissions for, related to those specific pages.
  • Void transactions will now show as negative amounts in reporting, correcting an issue with subtotaling on same-day refunds.


Help Center

  • Now links to the new Help Desk where topics and resources can be easily accessed through the menus or with a quick search.