Housekeeping & Best Practices

We recommend you review your account’s settings once a quarter just to be sure your settings are current. There are always staffing changes to consider, maybe your branding has changed and you are working with a new logo; either way, you’ll want to be sure it is still current. Below are three areas you should review on your account – once a quarter is not a bad idea just to be sure your information is current:   Read more

Communications Overview

Communications is where you find all available email options for your Qsuite account. You can decide what, if any, emails are sent out by your Qsuite account. You can access your communication settings from Admin.   Donor Relations Contact The Donor Relations Contact is the used as the “Contact Us” in DonateQ and CustomQ email communications to your donors.  You can edit the designated contact at any time.   Communication Settings These are the various Read more

How can I edit my Communications?

These are the various email communications which your Qsuite account can distribute. Keep in mind, depending on which products you have plugged into your Qsuite, your account options may vary to what you see below: New Transaction Receipt Giving/Payment Page Confirmation Registration Confirmation Scheduled Transaction Reminder Scheduled Transaction Processed Scheduled Transaction Failed Ending Scheduled Transaction Scheduled Transaction Expiring Credit Card You’ll notice three options have “Edit” next to them. By clicking on “Edit” you can Read more

Communication Settings

Select the communications you would like to send by selecting the respective checkboxes in the communication list.  If a communication is not checked, then this notice will not be sent out from the Qsuite.  Some communications allow you to customize the message to better identify your organization to the recipient.  To customize a communication, click on the Edit link next to it.  This sets the default for that particular communication, but individual Events and/or Giving Read more