Housekeeping & Best Practices

We recommend you review your account’s settings once a quarter just to be sure your settings are current. There are always staffing changes to consider, maybe your branding has changed and you are working with a new logo; either way, you’ll want to be sure it is still current. Below are three areas you should review on your account – once a quarter is not a bad idea just to be sure your information is current:   Read more

How do I reset or unlock a User’s password?

This article will address working with passwords for your Qsuite Users.  If you are looking to reset a password for a donor trying to access their Profile, please see this article. To manage your Users passwords you will first need to click on “Admin” at the very top of your Qsuite, then under “Users” click on “Manage Users”. (If you do not see this option your User does not have the necessary permissions.) You are now Read more

User Management

Everyone at your organization who needs access to your Qsuite should have their own User account.  This is important from a security standpoint.  If you have an employee who leaves your organization you can deactivate their login, preventing them from continuing to access your Qsuite.  It also allows you to determine the access level for each of your of Users. Create a User: To create a new user you will need to complete the following: Read more

Users Overview

This section displays the available options for creating and managing other users in the Qsuite, or changing your own password. Change My Password Reset/update your password.  When changing your password, you must abide by the following criteria: You cannot use one of your last 4 passwords. Must be between 6-50 characters long. Must contain at least one (1) UPPERCASE letter. Must contain at least one (1) lowercase letter. Must contain at least one (1) number. Read more

I don’t see a Menu Option I should have

If you are missing a menu option or product tab in Qsuite that you should have, you should contact the primary admin person for your account as it may be a permission that needs to be enabled for your user.  If you are the primary account admin, you can check your user(‘s) permissions by accessing the user management interface.  Click on Admin from the top menu, and Manage Users is located in the Users box.  Read more