2.6 Release Notes

Whats New

Home Page

  • Personalize this Page has been removed.  Product-specific charts and tables are still available on the Product Home Pages.
  • Charts:  Updated and hover details have been added.



  • Transaction Search:  Performance improvements applied.



  • Additions to Country List:  Burkina Faso, Guyana, Liberia, and Nigeria.  Re-save your pages to apply the most current country list.
  • Virtual Terminal:  The terminal retains the section order as it is setup on the Giving Page, with the exception of the Payment Information section which will always display at the bottom.
  • Giving Pages:  The Drop-Down display style for Categories can now be reordered using the page builder.  Subcategories will remain listed in alphabetical order under the main category.
  • Giving Pages:  Foreign Countries now leave the State/Province field available as an open text field.  US and Canada still use the drop-down.
  • Giving Pages:  Login/Create Profile links are now formatted as buttons improving visibility.  Re-save your pages to apply.
  • Page Builder:  Saved style templates can now be deleted.
  • Page Builder:  Added option to specify a return URL for Giving Pages.  This prevents the dead ‘Return to Website’ link when using your giving page URL in an email blast, etc.
  • Mobile Giving Page:  One Time transactions no longer require an End Date.
  • Mobile Giving Page:  Performance improvements applied.
  • General Fixes.



  • General Fixes.



  • General Fixes including graceful errors when malformed requests are sent in the form post.



  • Donations:  Credits now show as a negative in the Donations table.
  • General Fixes.



  • General Fixes: updated Communication language and structure.