Housekeeping & Best Practices

We recommend you review your account’s settings once a quarter just to be sure your settings are current. There are always staffing changes to consider, maybe your branding has changed and you are working with a new logo; either way, you’ll want to be sure it is still current. Below are three areas you should review on your account – once a quarter is not a bad idea just to be sure your information is current:   Read more

Getting Started With DonateQ

Your DonateQ account is ready!   This article will walk you through going-live with your DonateQ account.  If you have any questions along the way you can always reach out to us through “Contact Us” at the top of the page.  We’re here to help so just let us know. Login to Your Qsuite: First, login to the Qsuite here and save the Qsuite login page to your Favorites for easy access. Login using the credentials Read more

How do I Cancel a Transaction?

To cancel a transaction in the Qsuite you need to search for its Transaction Schedule in a status of “Pending”.  Remember: the Transaction Schedule is not a transaction, it is an instruction for how transactions will be created. You can search one of two ways: 1.  Click on “Transactions” at the top of your screen and search for the account holder 2.  Enter the account holder’s first OR last name in the white search box Read more

Failure Code Directory

CashLINQ Failure Codes Communication Error / GSE- No Response from Gateway / VE- SCHEDULE ERROR There was an interruption in communication during processing of the transaction and the transaction did not process as scheduled. Typically, once the account holder has been notified you can copy the transaction schedule and reschedule/resubmit the transaction.   GSE/VE- NEW PAY INFO REQUIRED There is an issue with the stored payment information and the transaction failed to process. The transaction Read more

What is a Transaction Schedule?

A Transaction Schedule is not a transaction, rather it is an instruction for how Transactions will be created. The term “Complete” on a Transaction Schedule means that all transactions have been created and the instruction is complete. You will often see a Transaction Schedule in a status of “Pending.”  This indicates that there are still transactions to be created and the next transaction will be created on the “Date” specified.  

Refund a Transaction

Sometimes it is necessary to provide a partial or full refund of a transaction. Below are the steps to accomplish this:   Transactions Locate the transaction that needs to be refunded. You can do this several ways: By clicking on “Transactions” at the top of the screen, then search for the account holder by name Use the Universal Search box at the top of the screen and type the first or last name of the Read more

Notification of Change (NOC) Failure

QC01- Incorrect Account Number Reason: The account holder has been issued an updated account number by their bank, and the old one can no longer be submitted for processing. What to do: Have the account holder contact their bank for the updated payment information and resubmit.   QC02- Incorrect Routing Number Reason: The routing number has been changed by the bank, and the old one can no longer be submitted for processing. What to do: Read more

Transactions Overview

Your transaction management tool for the Qsuite is Transactions.  You can research as well as take action on transactions using the Transaction Search and the available action buttons in the transaction detail. Transaction Search Find and manage transactions from all your Qsuite products.  You can filter your search results by several factors Filters First Name:  The billing first name. Last Name:  The billing last name Account Last Four:  Search by the last 4 digits of Read more

DonateQ Home Page Overview

Recent Donations The Recent Donations table displays the 10 most recent donations.  To view the transaction details of a specific donation, simply select the first or last name in the table.  You can email the donor from the table by clicking on the email.  You can view the details or edit a transaction by using the Edit icon in the table.   Donation Activity This chart displays all your donation volume.  You can change the Read more

DonateQ Menus Overview

DonateQ Home:  Return to the DonateQ Home Page. Giving Pages:  Create new or manage existing Giving Pages. Manage Transactions:  Find and manage donations using the transactions search pre-filtered for DonateQ. My Saved Reports:  Run a custom DonateQ report from a list of saved templates. – Add a Donation:  Create a new one-time or recurring transaction by selecting an active Giving Page. Add a Giving Page:  Create a new Giving Page using the DonateQ Donation Page Read more