2.7 Release Notes

Whats New Admin General Fixes.   Transactions Transaction Search:  Performance improvements applied.   Reporting Removed the Statements section- hiding until feature is developed. Date Range:  Standard reporting date range extended to 92 days so full quarter of activity can be pulled.  SmoothPay date-range extended to 32 days so a full month of deposit detail can be pulled. Event Reports: Fixed Report formats updated to display Questionnaire answers correctly.   DonateQ General Fixes.   EventQ General Read more

2.6 Release Notes

Whats New Home Page Personalize this Page has been removed.  Product-specific charts and tables are still available on the Product Home Pages. Charts:  Updated and hover details have been added.   Transactions Transaction Search:  Performance improvements applied.   DonateQ Additions to Country List:  Burkina Faso, Guyana, Liberia, and Nigeria.  Re-save your pages to apply the most current country list. Virtual Terminal:  The terminal retains the section order as it is setup on the Giving Page, Read more

2.5 Release Notes

Whats New Transactions Vaulted Records:  Renamed to “Transaction Schedule” to better refer to the instructions they provide.  The Edit interface was updated to show the individual transaction occurrences associated with the selected Schedule. Transaction History:  Renamed to “Transactions” to better reflect the actual transaction occurrences.   Admin Added “Logged in as”:  Your Organization ID will now display when logged into Qsuite.  This is helpful for users who access multiple Q accounts for their organization so Read more

2.4 Release Notes

Whats New DonateQ Profiles: Text added to clarify to donors that updating their stored account information does not automatically update their recurring and to update recurring on the Donations tab General Fixes   EventQ All Primary Contact and Registrant fields now allow for required entry on the registration form General Fixes   Reporting Category is a new Sort and Group option in the Report builder Refunds now show as a negative number in Category Amount Read more

2.3 Release Notes

Whats New DonateQ New Transaction email communications now show both the Category and the Subcategory. Communications:  Organization Name and Contact information will now be included on Profile Password Resets and Recurring Reminder emails. Giving Page:  The Honorarium options can now be displayed as either a drop-down or as radio buttons. General Fixes.   EventQ EventQ Home Page: Edit Icon added to the Recent Registrations table so you can now edit recent registrations directly. Events:  The Read more

2.2 Release Notes

What’s New DonateQ Transactions:  You can now see the current expiration on card transactions and vaults in the detail view. Page Builder:  Categories now populate when using category display style 3, fixing a bug where each edit to the page required the categories to be reselected. Profiles now correctly limit donors who are out of country to card-only accounts and payment. General Fixes.  EventQ General Fixes.    

2.1 Release Notes

What’s New  DonateQ Support for full or partial refunds by Category or Subcategory. Reporting: Revised to provide details of full or partial refunds of split gifts. General Fixes and Security Updates. EventQ Questions can now be reordered in the Event Builder even after an Event is “Live”. Manage Files: You can now upload your documents that are required for your camp or event for download by registrants (i.e. medical/allergy forms, release agreements, etc.). Links will Read more