Getting Started With DonateQ

Your DonateQ account is ready!


This article will walk you through going-live with your DonateQ account.  If you have any questions along the way you can always reach out to us through “Contact Us” at the top of the page.  We’re here to help so just let us know.

Login to Your Qsuite:

  • First, login to the Qsuite here and save the Qsuite login page to your Favorites for easy access.
  • Login using the credentials provided in your Welcome Email.
  • Now that you have logged in, you need to create a password of your own. Click on “Admin” at the top of the screen and then click “Change My Password” located in the section titled “Users.”

Training and Support:

Your first resource for Support is the “Help Desk” located on the left side of your Qsuite:


  • Qsuite Help Desk: this will be an invaluable resource to you when questions arise. To use the Help Desk just type your question (i.e. how do I cancel a transaction?).
  • Training Webinars: We realize that many of us are visual learners, so we hope the “DonateQ Training Webinar” will be a help to you. This video will walk you through the DonateQ product from beginning to end. The video is indexed to allow you to jump to any section using the bookmarks just to the left.
  • Qsuite Users Guide: a detailed manual providing explanation of each part of the Qsuite.

How to Create and Launch Your Online Giving Page:
Below are the steps necessary to create your Giving Page and implement your Giving Page to your website to start processing online donations:

  • Create your Categories: this is how donors will designate their donations (i.e., General Fund, Building Fund, Spring Campaign, etc…)
  • Create your Giving Page: You’ll create a name for your Giving Page. It can be as simple as using the name of your Organization. The description can be as simple as: Online Giving. You can always change this later if you’d like to.
  • Now that your page has been created we recommend saving your page before you customize any further. Click [Save] right now to save your Giving Page.
  • Now that your page has been saved you are ready to customize and edit your page. Click the pencil icon next to your Giving Page to get started. For an overview of all the design options available visit this article in our Help Desk.
  • Final step: Implement your Giving Page to your website!

Creating New Users:

  • Each person accessing the Qsuite will need their own login.  For security reasons, please do not share logins.  For steps on how to create new Qsuite users, please visit this article: User Management.

Have any questions?
When questions come up check the Help Desk for a quick answer to your question. After you’ve searched for your question you’ll find Live Chat as an option as well as our Support Form. We’re here to help so let us know when you need us.