Housekeeping & Best Practices

We recommend you review your account’s settings once a quarter just to be sure your settings are current. There are always staffing changes to consider, maybe your branding has changed and you are working with a new logo; either way, you’ll want to be sure it is still current.

Below are three areas you should review on your account – once a quarter is not a bad idea just to be sure your information is current:


Is Your Donor Relations Contact Still Current?
This is an important component to review in your Communication settings: Admin> Communications> Donor Relations Contact.  Your Donor Relations Contact is used with your email receipts and identifies those receipts as originating from your organization.  Take a moment to review and complete/update your Donor Relations Contact if necessary.


Are you Qsuite Users Current?
If you have access to “Manage Users” we recommend taking a moment to review your Users.  If you’ve had any staff changes as of late, you will want to make sure those changes are reflected:

  • If you have colleagues using the Qsuite who do not have their own User account (AKA: Sharing Logins), now is the time to create a User of their own.
  • Are there Users listed who are no longer with your organization?  Remember you can access you Qsuite account anywhere you have an Internet connection.  Now is the time to delete those users who are no longer with your organization or who no longer need access, so they can no longer access to your Qsuite account.


How do your Giving Pages look?  Do they match your website?
When is the last time you looked at your Giving Page on your website? 
 If it’s been awhile, go take a look.  How does your Giving Page look in comparison to your organization’s website?  If you decide you need to spruce up your Giving Page a bit, consider hoping over to the Qsuite Help Desk and reading this overview of your Giving Page.  It can help you understand the tools available to better match your organization’s website.  

Whether you need to update your header image, or better match the look-and-feel of your website, we are here to help.  If you would like our assistance, just let us know.  We’ll dispatch a member of our Customer Engagement team to contact you and then work their magic on your Giving Page.  As always, our support is free of charge.  Let us know how we can better serve you.