2.4 Release Notes

Whats New


  • Profiles: Text added to clarify to donors that updating their stored account information does not automatically update their recurring and to update recurring on the Donations tab
  • General Fixes



  • All Primary Contact and Registrant fields now allow for required entry on the registration form
  • General Fixes



  • Category is a new Sort and Group option in the Report builder
  • Refunds now show as a negative number in Category Amount in addition to Total Amount



  • The DBA name and Organization ID are now included in the Daily Transaction Summary
  • The individual “New Transaction” receipt notifications are now a separate permission – previously part of the Daily Transaction List permission
  • Refunds will show as a negative amount in the Daily Transaction Summary
  • Option to include Donor Relations Contact phone number in all communications using a check-box within the Donor Relations Contact edit screen
  • Recurring Reminders maintain Category/Subcategory listing
  • General Fixes: updated Communication language and structure