Qsuite Glossary of Terms


Categories allow you to group donations or payments into a particular fund or purpose for easier reporting. The same category can be used and reported on across DonateQ and EventQ.



Email messages sent to donors, registrants, and/or payers confirming activity or status of their donation, registration, and/or payment.


Coordinator – EventQ

The staff or volunteer coordinator responsible for questions or issues regarding a particular event. There can only be one Coordinator per Event. This person is assigned to the Event during the first step in Event-building.


Count (Registration Type) – EventQ

A type of registration that requires only the quantity of attendees, tickets or reserved seats, for an Event.  Individual details on each Registrant are not collected.


Custom Field

On a Giving Page, Custom Page or Tuition Page, a text box or selection list of items intended to gather additional information. Lists can be either radio buttons that show on a page or a drop-down menu that saves space on the page when there are several alternatives or choices.


Custom Pages – CustomQ

The online, “payer-facing” page, with fully customizable header, footer, background, and foreground elements, as well as page options including Recurring (Frequency and Duration), Custom Fields, and Comments.  Multiple Custom Pages are fully supported in CustomQ to address specific needs.


Default Payment Method – DonateQ

In a Profile, the payment information designated by the Profile user as their preferred payment method.


Discount, Early Registration – EventQ

In EventQ a discount based on time frames set by the Event designer. Can be combined with other discount types such as Group and Promotion Code discounts.


Discount, Group – EventQ

In EventQ a discount based on the quantity of attendees being registered. Can be combined with other discount types such as Early Registration and Promotion Code discounts.


Discount, Promotional Code – EventQ

In EventQ a discount based on a Promotional Code assigned to the Event, typically a ticket or admission discount on a specific item or Extra offered at events.  Can be combined with other discount types such as Early Registration and Group Discounts as well as other Promotion Code discounts.


Donor Relations Contact

The person designated as the “Contact Us” on DonateQ and CustomQ email communications to your donors.


Drop-down List

Commonly applied as a type of custom field in a DonateQ giving page or to ask registrant question(s) in EventQ. Drop-down lists save space on the page if there are a larger number of alternatives to select from.



Also known as an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), eCheck is a payment method that electronically draws directly from a donor or registrant’s checking or savings account.


Extra – EventQ

Extras are optional additional choices within an Event such as textbook/study materials, T-shirts or seating upgrades at a concert venue. Extras can have an additional cost assigned to them.


Extra Options – EventQ

Options provide alternatives to listed Event Extras in EventQ. Example: If “dinner” is an Extra, the options might be “beef”, “chicken” or “fish”.


Field Groups – Reporting

For ease in building reports, field groups are, a set of logically grouped fields that can be added to a report all together, or drilled down so that single fields within the group can be added individually.  Example: Credit Card + is a group that expands to Card Type, Expiration Date, Last 4 and Name on Account.



A series of drop-down menus that narrow the search criteria to specific date ranges, amounts, transaction status, etc.  Filters are used in Transaction Search and Reporting.



A optional segment at the bottom of a Profile Page, Giving Page, or Custom Page that is customizable with an image, color and text size/style for additional contact information or closing messages.


Giving Pages – DonateQ

The online, “Donor-facing” page, with fully customizable header, footer, background, and foreground elements, as well as page options including Recurring (Frequency and Duration), Categories, Honorarium, Custom Fields, and Comments.  Multiple Giving Pages are fully supported in DonateQ to address specific needs.


GL Code

For reporting and accounting purposes, a General Ledger code (GL) may be assigned to specific Categories and Sub-categories.


Grouping – Reporting

Based on fields selected for a Report, items may be grouped together and will be sub-totaled by amounts. Grouping may also be combined with sorting to further organize the report for clarity.



An optional section at the top of a Profile Page, Giving Page, Custom Page, Tuition Page or Event (Home and Registration Page).  You can customize with a banner or picture representing your organization, select a background color, and customize text (including the font style, size and color as well as the alignment).


Hex Color Code

A method of color selection within a web page typically used by web designers. Note that the Page Builder capability within Qsuite provides a Color Picker that allows you to select colors and shades to apply your pages.


Honorarium – DonateQ

An optional element on a Giving Page to allow donors to give in honor or memory of someone.


Individual (Registration Type) – EventQ

A type of registration that requires specific details for each attendee to an Event.


Locations – EventQ

Created in Admin – Event Settings, the physical location for an Event. The Location be displayed on the Event Home Page and registration page. Locations can be stored and referenced for other Events.


Login Portal – DonateQ

An option within Page Builder to allow donors to log in to their Profile, or create a new Profile, and give using stored payment information. Also provides the donor with access to their giving history.


News & Information

A section located on the Qsuite Home page that provides information from CashLINQ to you and your users. Also a section in Profiles which gives you the opportunity to place information donors will see when using a Profile login.



Located in Admin – Users (Add or Manage) – User Notfication. A list of notifications available to send to a user.


Page Background – Page Builder

Located in Page Builder, this provides the opportunity to modify the border color and/or insert an image in that space. Images can be repeated across, vertically or set to repeat both directions within the background.


Page Builder

A layout and design tool in DonateQ that allows flexibility in page design to accommodate specific look and feel or function requirements.


Page Foreground – Page Builder

Located in Page Builder, this provides the opportunity to modify the inner background of a Giving Page for image placement, color selection, payment type, frequency and duration options.


Payment Frequency

In Page Builder – Page Content – A Recurring Donations section that provides recurring payment options for donors at various frequencies and durations.


Payment Method

In Page Builder – Page Contact – Payment section that provides options to select Debit/Credit and/or eCheck as payment methods for donors.


Permissions – User

In Admin – Manage Users – Those selections made by the Primary User that determine the capability of other users in the organization to administer products and/or manage transactions within the Qsuite.


Primary Contact – EventQ

Provides for the designation and collection of desired information, demographic and/or payment information,  of a Primary Contact for an event. Typically applied when registering by count where only the group quantity of registrants is collected.


Profile Summary – DonateQ

Typically found after a Profile search, the summary contains demographic information and the ability to reset the Profile owner’s password. Multiple address, email, phone and payment accounts are supported.


Profiles – DonateQ

Profiles are used by donors to securely store demographic and payment information that can be used to pre-populate information fields in Giving Pages. Profile owners can access their Profile to see their own giving history.


Questions – EventQ

Questions, in EventQ setup, gather additional information about the registrant(s). Question types are; Text – allowing for free form answer, drop-down menu or radio button list with appropriate answers for selection by the registrant.


Radio Button

A type of list that allows for a single answer to a question.


Saved Reports

Reports designed by the organization for a specific need and saved for future use. Saved reports can be modified and will update and save automatically, or can be copied and saved under a different name.



A report that combines debit/credit card and check (ACH) transactions. Organizations could have multiple accounts deposit separately and have billing consolidated, or have multiple locations deposit and bill together.


Snapshot – EventQ

An icon (camera) next to an Event in the EventQ grid that will provide a quick view of Event details, status, event links to web pages and event activity in terms of revenue.


Sponsorship – EventQ

Provides an opportunity in EventQ to sponsor all or part of an Event.


Stored Accounts – DonateQ

The debit/credit cards and/or eCheck accounts stored as part of a donor’s Profile. Intended to streamline the giving process.



Added to a Category to further define the giving of donors or registrants. Add to a Category by clicking the “pencil” (Edit) icon in the list of Categories and clicking +Add Subcategory. General Ledger (GL) codes may be added to Sub-Categories.


Surcharge – TuitionQ

An optional fee to offset the cost of processing Debit/Credit Cards and eCheck transactions.


System Cancelled

The status for an automatic (system) stop after three failed processing attempts on a recurring transaction using the same payment information.


Transaction ID

A unique number associated with each transaction.


Transaction Status

A transaction may have a status of Reconciled – a completed transaction (sale or credit) that has been scheduled for payout; In-Process – an eCheck submitted, waiting for settlement/payout; Returned – A fully or partially refunded transaction; Failed – failed to process.


Tuition Pages – TuitionQ

The online, “payer-facing” page, with fully customizable header, footer, background, and foreground elements, as well as page options including Installments, Custom Fields, and Comments.  Multiple Tuition Pages are fully supported in TuitionQ to address specific needs.


Unassigned Donations – DonateQ

A donation as yet unassigned to a Profile. In Edit A Profile, +Find Unassigned Donations will search for donations that match a donor’s last name with the option to then assign them to the currently selected Profile.


Universal Search

Located at the top of each page, provides the ability to name search across all Qsuite products. When searching, use either first or last name, but not both.



The internet address assigned to your Giving/Custom/Tuition Page(s) or Event Page(s).


Transaction Schedule

Each transaction, one-time or recurring, creates a ‘record’ of the intended activity (billing information, payment information,  frequency, duration, custom data, etc.) that is securely stored for later reference. The status’ for a Transaction Schedule are: Pending, Completed, Cancelled or System Cancelled.


Virtual Terminal

Associated with Giving/Custom/Tuition Pages and Events, a Virtual Terminal (VT) is a portal, similar to the page, that allows users to enter donor or registrant information while on the phone with the donor/payer/registrant.

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