2.5 Release Notes

Whats New


  • Vaulted Records:  Renamed to “Transaction Schedule” to better refer to the instructions they provide.  The Edit interface was updated to show the individual transaction occurrences associated with the selected Schedule.
  • Transaction History:  Renamed to “Transactions” to better reflect the actual transaction occurrences.



  • Added “Logged in as”:  Your Organization ID will now display when logged into Qsuite.  This is helpful for users who access multiple Q accounts for their organization so that you will now know which account you are logged into.



  • Additions to Country List:  Argentina, Columbia, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago, and Zambia.
  • Giving Pages now display as mobile formatted when accessing from a smart device.
  • General Fixes.



  • Stored Accounts- Updated so that the payment methods stored by donors are filtered for those that are made available on specific Giving Pages.  Example:  If a donor has both a credit card and bank information stored, and they are giving on a page that is only setup to accept eChecks, only the  bank information is available to select when the donor chooses to pay with a stored account on that page.



  • General Fixes: updated Communication language and structure.