How do I create a Report?

Reporting lets you track and organize all the data flowing through your Q Suite. Below we’ll walk you through using the Report Builder to create a new report.



Click on “Reporting” located at the top center of your Q Suite. This will load the Reporting home page and provide you with some saved report options. To create a report of your own, click on “Create a Report” located in the left-side menu.

Choose what type of report you want to generate – depending on what Qsuite products or services you have selected, your options may vary:



  • Financial: reports across all Qsuite products with Total $
  • SmoothPay: provides Payment Date and deposit detail if you are using SmoothPay
  • Donations: reports on all DonateQ data
  • Payments: reports on all CustomQ data
  • Profiles: run statistics on Profiles generated for your account (DonateQ only)
  • Events: report son registrations and transactions for your Events (EventQ only)

Once you have defined your Reports values and added all the Fields you would like to include in your report you are ready to generate your Report.


Run: this will generate your report and allow you to view the results on-screen.

Save: give your report a Name and Description and click Save to use this template for future use.

Copy: easily copy a saved report to use a foundation for a new custom report

Delete: delete a saved report you’ve created

Export: export your report to Excel

Close: click to close the Report Builder and return to the previous screen

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