SmoothPay Reporting

For those merchants using *SmoothPay:

Once you log into your Qsuite account you will see an option in the header menu labeled “Reporting”. Click on the link to navigate to the Reporting Home page. You can then access SmoothPay from the menu or by selecting it from the left-side menu.

Click on “Batch Detail” to open the SmoothPay report builder with predefined columns for running a detail of your activity subtotaled by Payment Date. This is the date that transactions have paid out to you, and the subtotal matches up to your batch total.

SmoothPay Reporting

You can move fields around or add additional fields by selecting a group from the Available Fields and dragging and dropping them in the Report Area.


Below is an example of SmoothPay Reporting. Deposits made to your account are listed in the green subtotal area. You can view the deposit detail by entering the date range and clicking “Run”. Once you “Run” the report you can export the deposit detail by clicking the “Export” icon.


1. Transaction Date is the date the transaction processed

2.  Payment Date is the date we sent the deposit to your bank.  You can expect to see your bank post this to your account the following business day.

3.  The subtotaled amount is the amount of the deposit that was sent to your bank.


To build a SmoothPay report from scratch, click “Create a Report” from the left-side menu of the Reporting Home page, select the “SmoothPay” radio, and click [Okay] to bring up a blank SmoothPay Report. Drag in the fields to the Report Area and drag and drop to reorder as you want.


*If you are not currently using SmoothPay, but are interested in learning more, please give us a call at:  800-811-7826 option 1

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