How do I Skip an occurrence on a Recurring Transaction?

Recurring transactions automatically run on a set schedule, but sometimes, a donor wants to skip a payment or two without cancelling. The Q Suite allows you to accommodate this in the Transactions menu.




Locate the recurring transaction that needs to be skipped. You can do this several ways:

  • By clicking on “Transactions” at the top of the screen, then search for the account holder by name
  • Use the Universal Search box at the top of the screen and type the first or last name of the account holder and hit Return.
  • Click on “Manage Transaction” in the side menu.

Either of these options will bring you to the Transaction Schedule for the account holder.


Once you find the Transaction Schedule in a Pending status within the grid, select the “pencil” action icon on the right to Edit.

Edit Schedule2

Here you will see the details of this transaction record. Click the Skip button from the available actions. A small window will open asking how many occurrences you want to skip and allow you to put in a note.


Check the confirmation box and click [Submit] at the bottom of the screen to skip the designated number of occurrences. Once submitted, the system automatically calculates the number of occurrences based on the current frequency and duration selections, and pushes back the pending record’s Scheduled Date and End Date accordingly. This keeps the total number of occurrences intact, while delaying the impact on the account until the desired number of occurrences has been skipped.





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