How do I Cancel a Transaction?

To cancel a transaction in the Qsuite you need to search for its Transaction Schedule in a status of “Pending”.  Remember: the Transaction Schedule is not a transaction, it is an instruction for how transactions will be created.

You can search one of two ways:

1.  Click on “Transactions” at the top of your screen and search for the account holder
2.  Enter the account holder’s first OR last name in the white search box at the top of your screen and hit ENTER

Both of these methods will return any active Transaction Schedules for this account holder:

Edit Schedule


When you have located the Transaction Schedule in a “Pending” status that you need to cancel, click the pencil icon to view your available options:



You will find [Cancel] is one of the options provided.  Click the green [Cancel] button and follow the instructions provided to confirm and cancel this record.


Confirm Cancel


If a transaction has been cancelled but you would like to start it again, you can copy the Transaction Schedule to create a new transaction.  See this article on Copying Transactions for more information.



Other terms: stop, stopping, remove, cancel, quit

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