How do I unlock/change a donor’s Profile password?

A donor may forget their password and possibly lock their account (if they mis-key their password 3 or more times).  The donor can reset their own password by clicking on the “I forgot my password link”.  If they contact you, you can also change a donor’s Profile password to allow your donor access to their Profile again.  Once the donor logs in using their new password they can change their password to something only they would know using the [Login & Go To My Profile] option.  Consider these types of password changes as creating a temporary password for your donor.

To change your donor’s Profile password you first need to look up your donor’s Profile:

  • Click on “Profiles” at the top of your Qsuite
  • Click on “Find a Profile” on the left side of the screen
  • You are now ready to search for your donor’s Profile.  Enter the first OR last name and hit ENTER (do not search for full names)
  • Locate your donor’s Profile from your search results and click the “key” icon under the “Action” column to the right of their Profile listing


  • Create a new password for your donor:

profile password

Below is some explanation of the other options available to you here:

a.  Email your donor to notify them their password has been updated.

b.  The Qsuite will randomly generate a new password for your donor’s Profile.

c.  View the password rules.



Additional Information:

The LoginID for a Profile will always be the email address used by the donor when they established their Profile. If they want to log in using a different email address, you will need to delete their Profile and create a new Profile using their new email address.  Once this is completed you can assign their donations to their new Profile.


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